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5,555 Pixel Doges have arrived.
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Each Pixel Doge is a unique, programmatically generated image from over 100,000 possible outcomes. Traits include the face, headwear along with the outfit!Pixel Doges is a ever-growing NFT community with a super active team behind the project!



There have been 5555 Pixel Doges created.

Pixel Doges have sold out! You can buy them on secondary marketplaces

Pixel Doges will be initially priced at 0.01 Eth + Gas fees which we cannot control.

The original sale has sold out!

1/1 Doges will be minted and auctioned off with 15% of the earnings going to charity. Each 1/1 Doge will contain a special animation.

We have a very active Discord server along with an official Twitter.