PIXELPUPS have arrived.
Very doge, much wow

Each Pixel Pup Is A Unique, Programmatically Generated Image From Over 100,000 Possible Outcomes. Traits Include The Face, Headwear, Outfit, and now even background! Pixel Pups is a partner project from the creators of Pixel Doges, Pups will provide utility for each holder including staking, market insights, and more perks!

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Alpha Channel

A place for holders to discuss exciting opportunities in the NFT space!

Project Analysis

Analysis of established and new projects to help holders separate quality projects from the junk!

Minting Monitor

A channel that alerts holders of new projects being minted!

Whale Watch Monitor

A channel that alerts holders of the activity of prominent whales in the NFT space!

Pixel Doge Burning

You can burn 2 Pixel Doges in exchange for a rare Pixel Doge Pup!

1/1 Pixel Doge Pups

Holders of 1/1 Pixel Doges will be airdropped a 1/1 Pixel Doge Pup!

Technical Analysis

Holders have access to technical analysis information from an industry professional working at an S&P500 company!


Stake your Pixel Doge Pups to receive a share of the Community Fractionalized Vault!


What is the difference between Pixel Doges and Pixel Doge Pups?

Pixel Doges was our first collection which helped establish our core community. The goal of Pixel Doge Pups is to pivot the direction of the project into an affordable community where holders can learn everything they need to know to thrive in the current NFT environement.

What is the supply of both collections?

Pixel Doges have a supply of 5555 which will be reduced through burning. Pixel Doge Pups have a total supply of 10278. 7500 of this supply is mintable and the remaining supply can only be acquired via burning Pixel Doges.

What is the benefit of burning Pixel Doges in order to receive a Pixel Doge Pup?

The Pixel Doge Pups acquired via burning have furs which cannot be acquired from the initial mint.
The intention is to increase the staking rewards of these rarer Pixel Doge Pups.

How much do Pixel Doge Pups cost?

0.025 and 0.03 ETH for whitelisted individuals and everyone else respectively.

What are 1/1 Pixel Doges / Pixel Doge Pups?

1/1 Pixel Doges are a group of 10 animated Pixel Doges which were auctioned off and given away to our community. Holders of 1/1 Pixel Doges will receive an airdrop of an animated 1/1 Pixel Doge Pup. There will also be non-animated 1/1s in the Pixel Doge Pup mint pool.